• Interior design

    Our vision - interior design tailored to the individual needs and functionally, aesthetically and financially aligned with the customers’ wishes, needs and habits.

    Designed and manufactured in Croatia!

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Our core business is design and interior decoration by means of tailor-made furniture, as well as wholesale and retail of upholstery fabrics, decors, curtains and bean bags at affordable prices!!

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The interior design does not only imply an expensive interior decorating. The interior design is actually any work of interior decoration performed by either an expert or a non-expert individual....

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When residential interior design is concerned, you must take into account all those who will use the given interior, either always or only occasionally (friends, family dinners, etc ...). Everyone should have their own space...

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Design and interior decoration in restaurants - catering facilities

Restaurant and cafe interiors take the form of living rooms, providing similar comfort. Restaurant owners have recognized the importance of interior decoration and such investments are in several ways...

Custom made furniture

We offer you custom-made furniture, produced exclusively for you, in respect of your habits, lifestyle and colors you like. With a help of us you can introduce into your home the golden ratio, a perfect composition your home the golden ratio...

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Sitting bags and furniture made of polyurethane foam

A good example of multifunctional, modular furniture is furniture made of sponge or polyurethane foam. The result is a quality, ecological and health friendly product, having characteristics suited to the modern man: polyurethane foam is light, airy, flexible and hygienic..

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curtains decorations wallpapers

Curtains and drapes always have aesthetic and functional role.To help you make a decision we have a choice of over 6000 patterns of different prices and material composition - made ​​of linen, viscose, silk, cotton ......We have really something for everyone, from style to price range.

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fabrics for upholstery

As a leading company in Croatia in wholesale fabric, we can offer our retail customers and upholsterers a wide selection of fabrics for upholstery, decorative fabric, eco-leather and natural leather at extremely low prices. ...

Our cooperation with Dut began by recommendation and continued as we, like many others, became their satisfied customers, having convinced ourselves in their expertise, quality and professionalism. This is extremely important in the business of designing interiors, not only residential but also commercial, in which investors consider the quality of construction and deadlines factors of the utmost importance. For all these reasons, Dut has proven to be an excellent partner, successfully following us architects on the path of realization and materialization of ideas for interior design and I highly recommend them to our clients and investors.Monika Galović, licensed architect.